Pollinator of the Day

Agapostemon virescens, or the Bicolored Agapostemon Sweat Bee, is found throughout most of North America. This particular model of sweat bee comes in a nice metallic green on the anterior with some sporty black and yellow bands on the posterior, and measures in at 10-13mm long. No word on how quick she is in a … Continue reading Pollinator of the Day

Pollinator of the Day

It is an important pollinator and is "associated with chiefly involves nectar and pollen of early successional woody species—Bursera and Eugenia. Other important pollen sources...Cochlospermum, Physalis, Gymnanthes, Myrcianthes, Thrinax, Chamaedorea, and Chrysophyllum." Unfortunately, it's current conservation status isn't great, as "beekeepers who work with M. beecheii in the Mayan zone in Quintana Roo state, Mexico, have reported a 93% decrease in hives over the past 25 years."(3) … Continue reading Pollinator of the Day

Here ye, Here ye!

To whom it may concern, Andrea will be at the Abita Springs Art & Farmers Market tomorrow with Ross Round Comb Honey and duck eggs! Both items are quite pleasing, in my humble and biased opinion. Not at the same time, mind you, that would be weird. But independently, they are quite nice. Unless you … Continue reading Here ye, Here ye!

The Tallow Flow Has Begun

It will be of no surprise to Gulf Coast beekeepers near our particular latitude in longitude that the Chinese tallow trees (Sapium sebiferum Roxb.) are currently in full flower. The approximate blossom times for Chinese tallow range from May to June in South Louisiana and June and July for North Louisiana. They seem to be … Continue reading The Tallow Flow Has Begun

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves!

Government, not content with its current levels of death and economic destruction, has activated yet another one of it's invasive tendrils to this time seek out and choke the livelihood of Gulf Coast beekeepers. Let's all take a break from grieving our colonies that just froze to death to see what our central planners have … Continue reading The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves!


The Greater Reset Activation: January 25th - 29th, 2021The Greater Reset is the world’s collective response tothe World Economic Forum’s Initiative: The Great Reset. We offer an alternative to the WEF’s top-down, centralized, authoritarian vision. Our desire is to help all people find community and liberty by providing practical steps and knowledge for co-creating a … Continue reading THE GREATER RESET!

“Good morning, Captain!”

I’ve never found it particularly rewarding to keep up with pop culture. Partly, I guess, because the rewards manifest as a feeling of “being in tune” with your fellow man; something I not only find unsatisfying but downright creepy. At a time when conformity has never been more in vogue, you can guarantee that the … Continue reading “Good morning, Captain!”

Ross Round Comb Honey Now Available!

Sure there's the stings, the back-breaking lifting, long hours, and the constant voice in your head about things to do and things forgotten, but we beekeepers do have a few perks that some of non-beekeepers you don't. We have access to some of the most pristine honey there is; perfect white burr comb, soft, pristine, … Continue reading Ross Round Comb Honey Now Available!

All-Purpose Honey…

Folks, did you know that honey can be used for more than just eating? It’s true! Let’s go over a few different things you can use it for. One thing; never take me 100% serious unless I advise you to. This one is a little tongue-in-cheek. But only a little. First, let’s imagine a purely … Continue reading All-Purpose Honey…

Muscovy duck eggs at Abita Springs Art & Farmer’s Market tomorrow

We'll be at the Abita Springs Art & Farmer's Market tomorrow, 5/7/20, with more Muscovy duck eggs. These are my personal favorite and what I eat most mornings. They're big, even for duck eggs, with huge creamy yolks. If you've never had them then give it a try! Honey is coming real soon!

“What can I plant to help the bees?”

One of the questions that people often ask is "what can I plant to help the bees?" It's not an easy thing to answer because while a suggestion might be theoretically correct the results might be less dramatic than you had hoped for. It's not they necessarily dislike that pretty wildflower seed mix that you … Continue reading “What can I plant to help the bees?”

Nature Throws a Curve.

It appears that we are getting another reminder from mother nature that she ultimately holds all the cards. We, of course, often like to think otherwise. I often remind people that we are of this earth, not some aliens dropped down to observe it from a bubble. Like every other creature that resides here, we … Continue reading Nature Throws a Curve.

2nd Annual First Responders Chili Cook-Off

JOIN US FOR THE 2ND ANNUAL FIRST RESPONDERS CHILI COOK-OFF ON SATURDAY NOV 2ND - 11:00A.M. TO 6:00P.M. at 1 North Marigold Drive, Covington, Louisiana There's  going to be food, crafts, music, and all kinds of good stuff! Cooler weather is upon us and the bees are preparing for winter but you can still get … Continue reading 2nd Annual First Responders Chili Cook-Off

Skip the yard work and head on over to the farmers market!

Folks, did you know that Americans tend 40 million acres of lawn with 80 million pounds of chemicals and 400 billion gallons of water each year? Crazy, right? Okay, so now that I've talked you out of yard work today, why not head over to the the Abita Springs Art and Farmers Market and buy … Continue reading Skip the yard work and head on over to the farmers market!

Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch!

Talcatcha Farm Honey is available today at the Abita Springs Art and Farmers Market until 3pm! Come on by and say "Hi!" You can also get our honey now at Attic to Awesome at 22107 Hwy. 36 Abita Springs, Louisiana. They got all kinds of cool stuff there! Reminder; now is the perfect time for … Continue reading Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch!

You’re gonna want some of this!

Andrea will be at the Marigold Farmers Market in Covington this Saturday and at the Abita Springs Art and Farmers Market in Abita Springs this Sunday with lots of good local honey produced by our bees here in Bush, Louisiana! It's the good stuff! You're gonna want some of this! Don't forget, honey is also … Continue reading You’re gonna want some of this!

See you there!

Andrea will be at the Abita Springs Art and Farmers Market today. Come say hi and pick up some freshly-bottled honey! Boo says it's good and good for you! The first written reference to honey, a Sumerian tablet writing, dating back to 2100-2000 BC, mentions honey's use as a drug and an ointment. Aristotle (384-322 … Continue reading See you there!

Beautiful Honey!

The bees have been working hard this year and, despite the occasional setback from all the rain, they've managed to make a pretty good batch of honey. We'll have it for sale at the Abita Springs Art and Farmers Market this coming Sunday 6.16.19. Hope to see you there! Honey; it's good and good for … Continue reading Beautiful Honey!