Stormy weather

How ’bout that storm! We’re gonna be picking up limbs for weeks!

Like most people, it seems, we woke up yesterday morning only to find out that the power had been out for hours. After coffee and breakfast on the camp stove, we drove to town to get a few things done only to find out that nobody had power! It wasn’t a complete bust though. We were able to pick up some new rabbits for our rabbitry, thanks to Jamie at S & S Farms, and drop off some more honey at Attic to Awesome (also without power but open nonetheless). Anyway, our power eventually came back on and we hope yours did to and that your damage was minimal.

Andrea will be at the Abita Springs Art & Farmers Market today selling honey. So, y’all get up, get some food in your belly and get on down to the farmers market and get some honey while the gettin is good. I know I’m putting some back, along with some fruit, so that I can start making mead soon. Ya gotta make it now if you want to enjoy it next year!

Take care!

P.S., If you’re running queen excluders then don’t forget to get them off soon for winter!

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