“Good morning, Captain!”

I’ve never found it particularly rewarding to keep up with pop culture. Partly, I guess, because the rewards manifest as a feeling of “being in tune” with your fellow man; something I not only find unsatisfying but downright creepy. At a time when conformity has never been more in vogue, you can guarantee that the masses will pave their road to good intentions with pure hell. No Sir, I’ll keep my out of step life, thank you very much. A day of solitude in the bee yard beats a day of media-saturated rage and righteousness any day of the week.

Speaking of bees, I occasionally listen to the “Beekeeping Today” pod cast while working and they recently had an interesting conversation with the founder of “Heroes to Hives,” a veteran’s beekeeping organization. I found out that some of the reasons that veterans gave for their enjoyment of keeping bees aligned with some of my own, although I am not a veteran. Did you know that one of the largest agriculture programs after WWI was to get returning veterans into beekeeping? Neither did I! I recommend giving it a listen.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people like to post photos of various pollinators online. It’s always fun to see the variety of pollinators that are out there and encouraging that so many people are caring more about protecting them. Tell you what, if anybody cares to share some photos with us then we’ll be happy to share them on a post.

Well, I hear Andrea up and getting ready for the market today. I’ve got to get to work on my long list of chores for the day, including some bee work. I hope y’all have a good day. Stay hydrated!

One last thing. We’ve been thinking about maybe selling some 5-frame nucleus hives (nucs) next year. It wouldn’t be a lot but we’ve been trying to move beyond just honey sales but you never know what’s going to work. So, if you’re reading this and you’re interested in getting into beekeeping and you’d be interested in buying some from us, then let us know. As always, beekeeping involves thinking a year ahead or better. Thanks!