Ross Round Comb Honey Now Available!

Sure there’s the stings, the back-breaking lifting, long hours, and the constant voice in your head about things to do and things forgotten, but we beekeepers do have a few perks that some of non-beekeepers you don’t. We have access to some of the most pristine honey there is; perfect white burr comb, soft, pristine, and loaded with the purest form of honey you can get. Many a day, I’ve cut a piece off with my hive tool to give myself a bit of much needed energy to carry on. Now, we’d like to offer you a little bit of that experience without having to actually become a beekeeper.

Tomorrow, along with our usual products, we’ll also have round comb honey available. These things are a real treat. They’re perfect little circles of capped, freshly-drawn, honeycomb. You can eat them all by themselves or a multitude of other ways; whatever suits your fancy. Try them on bread with cheese, crumbled up on a salad, a muffin, a pancake, scooped up with pecans, a desert, any old way you can think of. This is the South; home to some of the most creative people in the world, especially when it comes to food and music. I have no doubt that some of y’all will come up with some great ideas and we’d love to hear about them. Drop us a line on social media or email and show us what you do with them.

Take care,