Pollinator of the Day

Mayan stingless bees (melipona beecheii) are probably the most common  species raised in meliponiculture. These social bees produ… | Stingless  bees, Bee, Bee keeping
Medicinal Uses of Melipona beecheii Honey, by the Ancient Maya - Honey  Melipona

It is an important pollinator and is “associated with chiefly involves nectar and pollen of early successional woody species—Bursera and Eugenia. Other important pollen sources…CochlospermumPhysalisGymnanthesMyrcianthesThrinaxChamaedorea, and Chrysophyllum.”

Unfortunately, it’s current conservation status isn’t great, as “beekeepers who work with M. beecheii in the Mayan zone in Quintana Roo state, Mexico, have reported a 93% decrease in hives over the past 25 years.”(3)


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